The Currency, 2020, Limited edition LP

by Elom 20ce & Musquiqui Chihying & Gregor Kasper

Readings From Below

Times Art Center Berlin
Brunnenstraße 9
10119 Berlin, Germany

10. September - 12. December 2020
Opening: 09. September 2020

Artists /
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Elom 20ce & Musquiqui Chihying & Gregor Kasper
Hao Jingban
Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader
Nguyen Trinh Thi
Yuichiro Tamura
Yau Ching

Curated by Ariane Beyn

Palm Reader, 2020, Digital Drawing, Variable Dimensions.

by Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Made

The group exhibition Readings From Below explores how artists engage us in new readings of our complex present by making use of the virtual potentials of archives. While the traditional institution of the archive with its sense of permanence and timeless solidity, its physical location and architecture continues to exist, in today’s world of digitized information, archives are becoming radically decentralized, temporalized, and multimodal, in line with a dynamic user culture. Anything retrieved from these various archives can be reused, re-inscribed, or restaged, offering ongoing possibilities for their reconfiguration in any given order. More than ever before, artists today work with archive documents, research, and information, processing their material in innovative ways and opening it up to our collective memory for rediscovery and reinterpretation...

Installation view of The Currency in Times Art Center Berlin
Photos made by GR.Berlin

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