Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

39 Chang'an West Road, 

Datong, Taipei, Taiwan

Exhibition view There Are Lights That Never Go Out, 2021 © MoCA Taipei

There Are Lights That Never Go Out

Opening Hours /

27. July - 19. Sep 2021

Tue - Sun 10:00-18:00

Closed on Mon

Yen Yi Lee

Musquiqui Chihying

There Are Lights That Never Go Out is inspired by the Mandarin title of Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up, which engages in the deconstruction and a dialectic process based on objects, photographic technologies, image history and the generative network of digital image apart from discussing the power relation between a photographer and his photographic subject. Objects and stories, when we see or learn about them, all carry full yet fragmented narratives. As the artist makes his observations, he also decides on his angle to carry out his research; like pulling an end of a thread strongly, the whole structure of a piece of fabric then becomes ruffled and shown. By reinterpreting images, creating drawings that imitate machine-made prints and conducting a lecture performance, the artist presents narrative remake and reconstruction through his research of image...

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Installation view The Lighting, 2021, Three-Chanel Video Installation © MoCA Taipei / Anpis Wang

Installation view The Kung Flu, 2021, Two-Chanel Video Lecture Performance © MoCA Taipei / Anpis Wang

Installation view The Chat, 2021, Graphite on paper and colour printed wallpaper © MoCA Taipei 

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