the gallery Blockbuster Exhibitions will hold a group screening
under the exhibition "ENTER",
my short film "The Route" will be showed with other video artists's work,
it will also be the first public screening of the film.
below you can find details of the film and venue :  

The Route - from China Town to China Town
Digital Film
10 min
Chicago, U.S.A

On the platform of Cermak-Chinatown metro station in Chicago, where in-between downtown and black neighbour, people can easily notice different racial passengers stand on the opposite side of platform. The destinations decide the direction of passengers, and economical movements define the geographical segregations, it’s not majestic discovery anymore, the phenomenon can be seen nowadays almost everywhere. But what happens before these passengers start their economical movements? Before stepping into offices, stores or restaurants, metro system is the necessary passage that most people have to pass :  a democratic access.

Filmscreenings :
27. Feb. 2014 19:00

Maksim Artemiev
Adam Cmiel
Samuel Ferstl
Gilles Akiken
Louis Fried
Sasha Schlueter
Karin Pfeifer
Simone Brühl
Liina Matila Mariudottir
Musquiqui Chihying
Kris Buckley 

Blockbuster Exhibitions
Mehringplatz 11, Berlin Kreuzberg
U1/U6 Hallesches Tor

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