8th Irepresent International Documentary Film Festival
March 22-15. 2018
Lagos, Nigeria

March 22-25, documentary filmmakers and enthusiasts from around Africa and parts of Europe and the West will converge in Lagos for the 2018 edition of the yearly I-Rep International Documentary Film Festival. Produced by the Foundation for the Development of Documentary Film Festival in Africa, the festival will be held at its traditional home, Freedom Park in central business district of Lagos Island.

About IREP

iRepresent International Documentary Film Festival is the prime documentary-only film festival on the coast of West Africa. Since 2011, the festival has brought together the brightest minds in the genre in Nigeria and other parts of the world to showcase their works and as well share experiences through screenings, panel discussions, ‘Producers’ Roundtable’, training, workshops, and networking.

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8th IREP

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