_WORK:THE_METAL_DETECTER_GATE_( Your Value Makes Me Laugh )

In december 2011, the time I was just back to Berlin from U.K, 
a news totally attracted my attention.About 45000 residents in Koblenz in Germany 
were evacuatedbecause officials found a WWII dud in River Rhine.
And experts predict there are still more than 100 thousand duds in Germany haven't be found.

The news let me think of that when I was in airport, 
waited in the line to pass the security check,the atmosphere was so serious, 
the officers checked each person carefully and solemnly, 
as if one of us is a bomb, and they are going to find it out.

When people with metal pass by the installation,
the machine will start the laugh sound.
The Volume changes with the distance or the amount of the metal.

The Metal Detector Gate ( Your Value Makes Me Laugh )
Wood, Buld, Laugh Sound
150 X 70 X 230 cm

program made by Hsien Yu

exhibition :
transformationen des Klaviers in Musik und Kunst nach 1940
Symposion | Konzerte | Austellung |

Musikinstrumenten- Museum
des Staatlichen Instituts für Musikforschung PK
• Vernissage am 2. März 2012, 19:00 Uhr
• Finissage am 19. April 2012, 19:00 Uhr

Tiergartenstraße 1
10785 Berlin
Eingang Ben-Gurion-Straße

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