Figure, Flash, Camera
a Musquiqui Chihying exhibition

Opening / Jan. 13, 2017 at 19:00
Dates / Jan. 13 - Feb. 11, 2017 
Venue / Taipei Artist Village
No. 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

As the extension of the eye, the camera transcends the human imagination of time and space. Though specific operations, cameras can turn into powerful ideological machines, and easily seize a subject’s autonomy. When the shutter opens, a power competition between the camera and the subject begins: the one who stands in front of the lens has only a brief time to respond to the force of the camera. Through different mediums, the exhibition Figure, Flash, Camera tries to capture the subtle dominant and resistant relationship between the camera and the subject.

The work The Camera will be screened the first time in Taiwan.
(Still image from The camera (36), 2016, 35mm B&W film transfer to digital)

The new work The Figure (2017) will be presented in the exhibition.

The new installation The Flash (2017)

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