Taipei Biennial 2016
Sound Route: 
Songs of SPECX “The Singing”


Sound Route: Song of SPECX is a collaborative project of Wu Chi-Yu, Shen Sum-Sum, and Musquiqui Chihying, it participates in the 2016 Taipei Biennial. The Singingis a lecture performance which lasts about 1 hour. The other parts of the project is exhibiting in Taipei Fine Arts Museum. By virtue of oral history and musical sound collection, Sound Route aims to reflect on both the modality of contemporaneity and the political relations among different regions that have been shaped by transnational trade and globalization since the colonial period. The work Songs of SPECX features Saartje Specx (16171636), a historical figure involved in litigation under the Dutch colonial rule, whose experiences serve as an axis on which the early modern history of trade among Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan spun. After the two performances in September, the artists and performer continue to evolve the performing experience, rearranging the tales and the songs, hoping to variate the way of telling. The result will be shown in January 2017 in TFAM and Taipei Contemporary Art Centre.

《聲線計畫:史貝克斯的歌》為吳其育、沈森森、致穎合作的展演計畫,並參與2016台北雙年展。「唱」是一場約莫一小時的現場演說表演,計畫的其它部分於台北市立美術館展出,希望藉由採集樂音和口述歷史等方式來重新思考自殖民時代以降,跨國貿易和全球化所形塑的當代政治文化樣貌。章節〈史貝克斯的歌〉以荷蘭殖民時代訴訟案件所記錄的歷史人物莎爾帖.史貝克斯(Saartje Specx, 16171636)為主軸線,貫串日本、印尼和台灣的近代貿易史。九月的兩場表演之後,藝術家與表演者持續在脈絡中討論、梳理,欲將歌曲與傳說重新排列組合,拼裝出另一種演繹的可能性,成果將於一月再度於台北市立美術館與台北當代藝術中心演出。

Third event 

January 14, 2017    
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Basement
Free drop-in


2017年1月14日   19:00 - 20:00
台北市立美術館 地下樓

Forth event 

January 21, 2017    19:00-20:00
Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Free drop-in


2017121   19:00 - 20:00

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