OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media Festival 2017

The ART SHELTER AND CINEMA, the host of the “OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media Festival 2017”, has invited artists and curators from Austria, Argentina, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Spain, UK, United States and Taiwan. Each curator provides different topics or programs for the festival. The festival takes place from 19th of August to 3rd of September, 2017 in various venues including the Cultural and Creative district of Taiwan Power Company, Shin Min building, Sun Yun-Suan Memorial Museum, Waley Art space, The wall music, woolloomooloo and so on. The host and the curators presenting screenings, live performances, exhibitions, and forum focusing on moving, audiovisual and media art. In addition, some tours to the participating countries and regions are expected to be carried out by the end of 2017 or 2018.

Exhibition Programm /
Date: 26. August – 03 September, 2017
Time: 11:00 am - 17:00 pm
Opening Reception: 13:00 pm, 26. August, 2017
Taiwan Power Company Shin Min building
No.1, Sec. 2, Xianmin Blvd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 
(MRT Banqiao station Exit 2)

Curator /
Wang Wen-Chi

Artists /
Hung Yun-Ting, Fan Chih-Ming, Wang Lien-Cheng
Musquiqui Chihying, Wu I-Yeh, Chen HsienYu

滲透影音媒體藝術節 2017

OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival 2017一個新興的影像藝術節,每次由不同的藝術家與策展人共同合作,並號召各國藝術節、藝術單位前來參與聚會並進行交流呈現。「滲透影音媒體藝術節 2017」,今年預計將邀請了來自日本、英國、波蘭, 俄羅斯, 西班牙, 奈及利亞, 阿根廷及台灣等約計10位策展人,分別策劃自定主題之影像展演節目,共含蓋14國藝術家作品於2017 81993日間,在各式展演空間呈現。整體藝術節節目含括:國內外藝術節作品展、藝術節邀請交流節目、藝術節現場表演單元節目、論壇、藝術空間平行單元、獨立策展人特別單元等活動展演呈現。

展覽單元 /日期: 2017年8月26日 至 9月3日
時間: 11:00 am - 17:00 pm

開幕: 2017年8月26日13:00 pm

策展人 /

藝術家 /
洪韵婷, 鄭先喻, 吳宜曄, 王連晟, 樊智銘, 致穎

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